The Ten Best Shows In St. Louis This Weekend: August 10 to 12

Aug 10, 2012 at 8:32 am
Broncho - Saturday @ the Firebird
Broncho - Saturday @ the Firebird

Saturday dominates this week's post with a commanding 70% of all picks for the week, though it should be noted that one of our picks, the Open Highway Music Festival at Off Broadway, technically takes place on each of the three weekend days, putting Saturday's lead at eight out of twelve -- or 66 and one third percent, for us math geniuses. However, the Open highway Music Festival also took place on Thursday, and I don't know how to statistically account for things that take place in the past. That's best left to the quantum physics sabermetricists, or something.

That Butt / Googolplexia show that I predicted might happen last week is happening this week, on Saturday. I must re-calibrate my crystal ball, it seems. The Toadies and Helmet are playing Pop's on Saturday -- we don't need to tell you that both of those bands rule, but we will anyway. And have. Finally, pioneering rockabilly songstress Wanda Jackon will play Blueberry Hill, also on Saturday. We didn't realize she's still alive, but she is and that rules. The rest of our picks follow.


Stl Is The Movement 3 @ The Firebird w/ A-Game, Tef Poe, Vega, Step or Get Left, Domino Effect, ATG 8:00 p.m. | $5/$10 A-Game and several more of St. Louis' best rappers return to the Firebird, and it's cheap, too! (DH)

Open Highway Festival Friday, Saturday and Sunday @ Off Broadway w/ Jesse Irwin, Fred Friction, Beth Bombara, The Bottle Rockets, Ben Nichols, John Henry & The Engine, Rough Shop, Will Hoge, William Elliot Whitmore, Old Lights 8:00 p.m. | $18-$21 for individual days; $40 for the full Weekend If you're experiencing a moment of hesitation at any point this weekend, just aim yourself at Lemp Avenue and give yourself a high five for making awesome decisions. The lineup is an exceptionally curated blend of Americana and Off Broadway does festive better than anyplace in town. (KM)


The Toadies & Helmet @ Pop's Nightclub w/ Ume 7:00 p.m. | $20 To quote one of my favorite lines I've seen anyone here at RFT Music write this week, "If either band were less awesome it would be in Marcy Playground's spot opening for Everclear and Sugar Ray." --Ryan Wasoba (DH)

Darrell Smith Benefit Show @ Cusumano's Pizza w/ Cross Examination, Who Fucking Cares?, Rites of Impiety, Thorhammer 8:00 p.m. | $5 This is your first chance to see hardcore party starter Cross Examination* in forever and is likely to be your last in about as long. There's plenty of adrenaline to be found elsewhere in the lineup as well, and this can double as your daily good deed: The show is a benefit to help out scene mainstay Darrell Smith with mounting medical bills. Plus, you can buy a fourteen inch pizza for $5 at this place. (KM)

DJ Tony Touch @ Lola 9:00 p.m. | $15 The Mixtape King makes one more mind-bogglingly good get for Lola's Dig series. Touch has been doing this since the '80s, and his ear remains as good today as ever. (KM)

*Ed. Yes, Cross Examination is fronted by one Daniel Hill, who you may know from such places as the byline of this post. No, he had nothing to do with this show's inclusion.