Want to Meet B.o.B.? Head to the Loft Tonight

Nov 9, 2011 at 4:30 pm

The one-man money machine known as B.o.B. is in St. Louis tonight for a slew of promotional appearances: He's hitting the Z107.7 studios, meet n' greeting at the City Museum with 20 lucky guests, and then debuting a new mixtape at the Loft. We've searched high and low for the particulars on how you, dear reader, can score one of 200 spots at the listening party, and all we've come up with is...nothing!

There is literally no information about his appearances anywhere, save for a spot on his website that erroneously states he'll be in St. Louis tomorrow. Nope, it's today, and here's what we do know: The guy behind "Airplanes" and "Strange Clouds" will be clownin' at the City Museum from 6-7pm, and then he lands at the Loft (3112 Olive Blvd.) from 8 to 10pm. Come get your peep on, and stay tuned tomorrow for an interview and photos from the event.