Recreational Weed Will Be Legal in Missouri Starting Thursday

Start packing your bowls, but be aware of where you can smoke

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In just two days if you are 21 and older, you'll be able to smoke pot in licensed areas and the privacy of your own home.

The time is almost upon us.

On Thursday, the legal weed amendment Missourians passed last month will take effect, and stoners can light their first legal blunts in Missouri. Amendment 3 legalizes recreational marijuana in most cases and allows approved medical dispensaries to sell marijuana to non-medical consumers. (Though dispensaries will not be selling recreational marijuana quite yet. See below.)

So for those 21 and over, start packing your bowls and stuffing your one-hitters. You can buy, possess, consume, inhale and transport up to three ounces of dried, unprocessed marijuana at a time.

But keep in mind: Just because recreational marijuana is “legal” in Missouri, it doesn’t mean you can blaze it up wherever you go.

Amendment 3 only allows recreational users to smoke publicly in areas licensed for such activities. Basically, just keep the party to your house for now. And if you want to grow marijuana at home, you’ll have to keep that inside too and pay $150 for a personal cultivation card. With the card, you can grow six flowering plants, six non-flowering plants (over 14 inches) and six clone plants (plants under 14 inches).

Also on Thursday: The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services will start accepting applications from businesses seeking licenses to sell recreational weed. For those with med cards, this means your go-to Missouri dispensary will likely transition to selling both recreational and medication weed sometime between Thursday and February 6, the last day the state has to act on dispensaries’ applications to transition.

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