Ten Tech Releases to Look for this Fall

Aug 7, 2009 at 8:28 am
It's August. The economy is bad. Things are slow, but technology marches on. In spite of the global economic slowdown, there will still be plenty of new high-tech products to look forward to this fall. A lot of them will actually be cheaper (even Apple has lowered its prices) and a few things will actually be free, like the some of the new Google products. Here are ten things to look forward over the next few months:

Google Voice
Did you get your invite yet? Seems like many people are getting their invites only a few days after they request one. Google is obviously doing a soft launch on Voice right now. See our previous story on Google Voice here.

Google Wave
It's been rumored that 100,000 users will be invited to beta test Google Wave in September. See our previous report on Google Wave here. 

New Android Phones
Google phones haven't exactly been a huge hit. Maybe because until recently there has only been one, the G1. But that doesn't mean that the Android phone is a failure. Google's strategy on this product is probably long term. Google doesn't really make a phone, they've made a phone operating system and the second phone to use the Google Android OS was just launched -- the myTouch available from T-Mobile. It is rumored that Samsung will release an Android phone next year that will be priced "well under" $100.

Apple Snow Leopard
Apple's new OS X 10.6, Snow Leopard will likely be launched this fall. It's not a huge leap forward in terms of new features. Most of the improvements are under the hood with optimized code to make things faster and more efficient. Apple priced the Snow Leopard at $39 $29 (thanks for the correction in the comments pwn247!) for existing Mac OS users. Oh, and your old PowerPC Mac (G3,G4,G5's) are now officially obsolete. Snow Leopard will only run on Intel Mac's completing Apple's transition to the chip set that has always powered Windows machines.

Apple Tablet
This is still in the rumor stage. But a lot of people seem to be certain that some sort of Apple Tablet computer product is right around the corner. It's not unusual for rumors to leak out in advance of a new Apple product release. But when you hear all the rumors, it's good to keep in mind that Apple doesn't like to pre-announce anything. The company prefers to make a big splash with a demo presentation on its own schedule. So expect at least half of what you hear and read about this device (if it exists) prior to an official announcement to be completely wrong.

New iPhone
Maybe ... again with the Apple rumors. Apple doesn't seem to refresh the iPhone product line that fast but weirder things have happened.

Windows 7
Microsoft seemed like they could do no wrong in the 90s. The software giant dominated the desktop with Windows. Today it still does, but the desktop isn't nearly as important as the Web. So now Microsoft not only finds itself competing with Apple (to whom it actually lost some market share) but also Google. The company's Windows Vista launch, two years ago, didn't go so well. So now it's releasing Windows 7 this fall which will actually address many of the issues of Windows Vista. Reports are that it's actually pretty good. Microsoft stripped down the code, made it lighter, more efficient and faster and even runs well on older hardware. You can go download the beta release candidate and test drive it yourself if you like. 

Zune HD
Microsoft has announced the Zune HD, the latest in its product line that was to be the company's iPod Killer. Curiously, not long after the first Zune was released Apple released its own iPod killer -- the iPhone (and iPod touch). Now Microsoft is finally releasing its answer to the iPod Touch with the Zune HD. No exact word when this will be available It's available now! Here's a video demo of the Zune HD:

Sony Walkman X
Sony has also decided to compete in the multi-touch portable entertainment device market with its new product, the Walkman X. No word on when this will be available in the U.S. either, but maybe we will see this in time for Christmas as well? Who knows. See the video demo:

Yes, St. Louis anxiously awaits the local release (our previous story) of the social media bar-hopping game Foursquare. No word yet on an exact release date.