Why Cardinals Fans Should Support the Cubs Indians in the Postseason, Part 1

Oct 8, 2007 at 10:46 pm

The Cleveland Indians just beat the New York Yankees by the score of 6-4, sending them to the American League Championship Series, against the Boston Red Sox.

Five reasons for Cardinals fans to root for the Tribe when the Series begins on Friday in Boston:

1. The teams have the same colors. Sport your Cards shirt, look like you're an Indians fan. Easy! (Yes, the Sox colors are also similar. Shh.)

2. To avenge the 2004 World Series, where the BoSox broke their Curse of the Bambino, at the expense of the Cards.

3. The Indians' last World Series win = 1948. The Cards' last World Series win = 2006. Take pity on us.

4. Last year, we traded you Ronnie Belliard, who was instrumental in helping the Cards in the playoffs.

5. Humor your friendly neighborhood music editor, who has been a long-suffering Indians fan since she was a wee lass growing up in Cleveland in the mid-'80s.

Go Tribe! (photo courtesy of Chuck Crow/Cleveland Plain Dealer)

-- Annie Zaleski