The Saint Louis Zoo Has a New Ginger Monkey and We Love Her

Her name is Rhubarb and she's as sweet as pie

Oct 28, 2022 at 3:17 pm

Squee alert! Check out this newborn monkey at the Saint Louis Zoo (1 Government Drive, 314-781-0900). Her name is Rhubarb and she’s a ginger-hued dream.

Rhubarb was born on September 30 at the Zoo’s Quirsis Riney Primate Canopy Trails, which makes this sweet little baby a Libra. Her mom is Dolly, her dad is Deshi, and she’s the first Francois’ langur (pronounced frahn-SWAH LANG-err) monkey ever born at the Saint Louis Zoo.

Her species is endangered, so Rhubarb’s birth is big news all across the world, not just here in St. Louis. And her beauty — though stunning — is expected: All Francois’ langurs have flame-colored hair; it helps the adults keep track of them. Little Rhubarb will get her adult coloring (black hair) in about six months.

Both Rhubarb and her mom Dolly needed some extra attention from keepers after her birth (including round-the-clock care and supplemental feedings), but Dolly stepped up to care for her baby just as soon as she was able.

“Dolly has been a phenomenal mother and, through the benefit of her having a great relationship with the keeper staff, has been incredibly accommodating to the supportive care that she and Rhubarb needed to get back on track,” said Ethan Riepl, Primate Keeper and Francois’ Langur Species Survival Plan Vice Coordinator. “She deserves all the credit in the world for our success.”

Welcome to St. Louis, little Rhubarb. You're as sweet as pie.