5 Top Pancakes in St. Louis, Chosen by Our Critic

Our weekly roundup of some of our favorite St. Louis dishes

Jan 23, 2023 at 1:11 pm
click to enlarge Grand Pied's pancakes.
Mabel Suen
Grand Pied's pancakes are one of the best version of the dish you will find in the St. Louis region.

This time of year, the promise of a semi-sweet, fluffy grilled breakfast treat is about the only thing worth getting out from under the covers for. Though our fair city has an embarrassment of breakfast and brunch riches, these five take the (hot) cake when it comes to that quintessential morning staple.

Grand Pied
The undisputed champion of St. Louis’ pancake game, Grand Pied’s  (3137 Morgan Ford Road) version of the breakfast classic is like a beautiful marriage of a pancake and flan that actually jiggles when it hits the table. Its crunchy, golden exterior yields to a custard-like fluff on the inside that makes you question whether or not you’d rather inhale the stack or nuzzle up to it on a wintry day.

Bowood by Niche
Bowood by Niche’s (4605 Olive Street, 314-454-6868) blueberry buttermilk pancakes evoke the feeling of cast-iron-cooked hotcakes made in a rustic cabin. Thick with a slightly rustic texture, the pancakes’ outer edges are a gorgeous toasted brown color and crisp, while the inside remains fluffy and cake-like. Fresh blueberries, folded into the batter, add pops of sweetness from within.

Half and Half
Whether you are enjoying the classic blueberry version or the raspberry, mascarpone and granola accented Clara Cakes, Half & Half’s (8135 Maryland Avenue, Clayton; 314-725-0719) pancakes show what’s possible with a stunning buttermilk canvas.

Winslow’s Table
Michael and Tara Gallina may be known for their plant-forward fine-dining prowess, but their pancake game at their University City eatery Winslow’s Table (7213 Delmar Boulevard, University City; 314-725-7559) shows that they are equally adept at daytime comfort fare. Malty, fluffy and topped with fresh berry compote, butter and syrup, they are perfection of the form.

Flecked with whole grains for a slightly rustic feel, Turn’s (3224 Locust Street, 314-240-5157) pancakes taste like a vanilla-infused funnel cake. Warm maple syrup and creamy butter are all you need to top these beauties.

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