BEAST Butcher & Block Launches New Burger Menu

The "Butcher's Burgers" offerings will include boudin, bratwurst and bulgogi

Nov 1, 2022 at 1:27 pm
click to enlarge The Boudin Burger is one of the new Butcher's Burgers now available at BEAST Butcher & Block. - Courtesy of David Sandusky
Courtesy of David Sandusky
The Boudin Burger is one of the new Butcher's Burgers now available at BEAST Butcher & Block.

As if there weren't already 100 different delicious reasons to go to BEAST Butcher & Block in the Grove (4156 Manchester Avenue, 314-944-6003), pitmaster and restaurateur David Sandusky is upping the ante with some new menu offerings. Last week, Sandusky and his team introduced Butcher's Burgers, a new line of butchery-influenced sandwiches that will make the restaurant a must-visit destination for area burger lovers.

"We're focused on bringing the butcher shop to the menu as much as possible," Sandusky says. "We've found that one of the best ways to do that is to create a burger menu that consists of a lot of the different flavors you might not get at other places. We're not just focused on building a better cheeseburger; we're focused on building better patties before you even add anything."

Since opening the hybrid restaurant, whole animal butcher shop and live-fire demo space in 2019, Sandusky has taken advantage of the opportunities each side of the business provides to the other by doing such collaborative things as incorporating elements of his barbecue operations into the butchery and using meat cut in-house for his barbecue. The burgers represent the latest way the multi-faceted operation results in a unique guest experience, and Sandusky is confident that the Butcher's Burgers will offer something that diners cannot get elsewhere.

"These are really correlated to the sausages and things we are making in the butcher shop," Sandusky explains. "Taking what we do well in the butcher shop and doing it as a burger menu that makes sense. "

Diners can expect a variety of different Butcher's Burgers, including a boudin burger, made from a half-pound boudin patty that is topped with andouille bacon, pimento cheese and remoulade. Another offering, "the Wurst" evokes the butchery's popular bratwurst, consisting of two seasoned pork patties, Swiss cheese, candied bacon jam, deli mustard and pickled red onion.

In addition to the in-house collaboration, Sandusky is excited to team up with other area chefs on Butcher's Burger creations. Up first is a bulgogi burger, made in partnership with Tiny Chef's Melanie Meyer, that pairs her Korean barbecue marinade and smashed beef patties with a fried egg and kimchi on a brioche-style bun.

"We're excited to bring things to the menu that are foundationally more flavorful," Sandusky says. "We want to be thought of as the burger destination in the area."