Pizza Hut Brings the Big Italy...But What Ever Became of BIGFOOT?

Sep 10, 2010 at 12:00 pm

Pizza Hut's pushing its giant new pizza, the Big Italy, via a Facebook campaign to give away 1,000 of the behemoths September 6-16. The nearly 24-inch slab of pizza retails for $12.

But what ever became of BIGFOOT?

Way back in 1993, during the series finale of Cheers, America met BIGFOOT, the original gigantic Pizza Hut pizza beast. More than two square feet of pizza! Only $10.99!

Why didn't it last? Could it be because the name evokes giant hairy feet, which most diners don't want to associate with food? Or maybe it's because in the pre-Internet world, giant pizza companies were forced to sell their giant pizzas like this:

Who can eat when Jon Cryer is so clearly distraught at the size of the enormous, possibly hairy, pizza?

And little Haley Joel Osment? We haven't heard much from him now that he's grown up. If the Facebook campaign doesn't work for the Big Italy, perhaps Haley Joel can jump on board with the next ad campaign.

"I see dead pizza."