Learn, Artist! and Shed Shot vs. Territories and Trades Tonight at the Way Out Club

Feeling experimental tonight? Head to the Way Out Club for a four-band bill sure to challenge your synapses. From St. Louis, check out Shed Shot -- a Flaming Lips-esque group that fans of Quief Quota, cracked-out Bowie and droning Krautrock will certainly dig -- and Learn, Artist!, the current ambient project of Tony Renner. Two bands from Boston, Territories and Trades, will also be appearing. The latter especially is my jam; it sounds like late '80s Sonic Youth mixed with early '80s R.E.M.

MP3: Shed Shot, "Chief and Checkettes"

MP3: Learn, Artist!, "Laura Palmer's Lava Lamp"

MP3: Territories, "Thoughts Like These"

-- Annie Zaleski

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