Bold Prediction: St. Louis City Sewer System Collapses

Looking ahead to St. Louis in 2023

Dec 30, 2022 at 10:01 am
Torrential rains flooding vulnerable neighborhoods in 2022.
Screengrab from @FMtheWeatherman / Twitter
Torrential rains flooding vulnerable neighborhoods in 2022.

Who else remembers all that rain last summer that led to all that flash flooding, which killed several residents and displaced many more from their homes? Right, well if you do, you'll be relieved to hear that in November the city's Metropolitan Sewer District received funds from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources to update infrastructure and prevent similar occurrences.

Sadly, it won't be nearly enough. In 2023, deluges will come due to general worsening weather patterns. Since St. Louis is mostly pavement, and the sewer system is really freaking old, putting in some rain gardens isn't going to be nearly enough.

This time though, things won't just overflow: They will collapse.

Clay pipes will crumble, water will spurt up from grates, and the city will be thrown into chaos — yet again.

Welcome to Bold Predictions for 2023, an effort to forecast what the future holds for the St. Louis region.

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