Hansen's: Our "Limb-A-Nator" Tree Service is a Trademark, So Hands Off!

Jul 5, 2012 at 9:47 am
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Hansen's Limb-A-Nator
Hansen's Tree Service has a flair for puns.

The O'Fallon-based company's website announces that their services are "Tree-mendous!" Another page has some "tree trivia," which they call, "Treevia."

You monster truck fans will certainly know about Hansen's giant vehicle-beast, which features a branch-chewing dinosaur painted on the side (see photo). It's name: "The Limb-A-Nator."

"Limb-A-Nator" is not just the name of the monster truck, according to Hansen's attorney, Annette P. Heller. It's also how the firm refers to its tree-mulching service. They're so proud of it, they trademarked the name.

And on Monday, Hansen's took action in federal court to, well, e-limb-a-nate what they considered to be infringement of that trademark.

The "limbinator" saw is not the same as the "Limb-A-Nator," which is a freaking monster truck - Image via
The "limbinator" saw is not the same as the "Limb-A-Nator," which is a freaking monster truck
Two companies -- Texas-based Priefert and Nevada-based Ciarra Holdings -- are now selling "Limbinator Saws," which have extendable arms that attach to a loader and allow you to trim branches 20 feet in the air.  (Sadly, the extendable arms can NOT lift monster trucks 20 feet in the air.)

These firms were able to register "Limbinator" as a trademark in 2008. But they did this four years after Hansen's. 

So the St. Louis company is asking the court to cancel those trademarks and to order Priefert and Ciarra to stop using the pun with its saws.

Check out the full lawsuit below.
Hansen v Ciarra