RFT City Guide 2021: St. Louis Outside

Apr 30, 2021 at 6:15 am
The outdoors awaits in St. Louis. We'll help you plan your strategy.
The outdoors awaits in St. Louis. We'll help you plan your strategy. PAUL SABLEMAN/FLICKR

In a lot of ways, St. Louis is a car city. Public transit is limited, our communities tend to sprawl haphazardly, cut off over the years by ill-planned highways and a long history of weirdly placed development. Before work-from-home-life swept across the country, it sometimes felt like we had to live in our vehicles just to get through the weekly commutes and grocery runs.

But there is also St. Louis outside. We've got world-class parks, public art of the official and not-so-official variety, enterprising concert producers who are hellbent on staging more music in the open air and an ever-growing network of bike paths.

We may be like a lot of other Midwestern cities that rely on cars for the boring, getting-around stuff, but we are pretty damn good at finding the fun outside.

In this year's edition of the Riverfront Times' annual City Guide, we're touring a collection of the best places to go once you've walked out the door and parked your car. This is the city in the sun and under the stars. It's St. Louis by foot, wheelchair, bike and scooter. If you're not out there, you're missing a lot of what St. Louis has to offer. So this is your push to get started. We've got suggestions for adventures and lazy afternoons. And if you get hungry — or thirsty — along the way, we've got RFT food critic Cheryl Baehr's picks for restaurants near your favorite outdoor attractions.

So if you've had enough of indoors to last a lifetime, consider this an invitation to the fun parts of St. Louis.

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