'Joints for the Unhoused STL' Wants to Give Weed to the Needy

The group plans to distribute free cannabis joints this weekend

Jun 27, 2023 at 9:22 am
click to enlarge Dustin Chalfant formed Joints for the Unhoused STL and is seeking 501(c)(3) status. - Courtesy Dustin Chalfant
Courtesy Dustin Chalfant
Dustin Chalfant formed Joints for the Unhoused STL and is seeking 501(c)(3) status.

Cannabis has become a billion-dollar industry in the months since Missouri legalized recreational marijuana. Dustin Chalfant wants to share the joy. 

Chalfant’s organization, Joints for the Unhoused STL, is on a mission to distribute free joints to St. Louis’ unhoused population. 

“We want them to know they’re loved, to know they’re seen and are special regardless of the situation they find themselves in today,” Chalfant says. “That’s really the ultimate goal, to spread some love.” 

Chalfant has spent years in the brewing and cannabis industries. He notes that the act of giving away joints is entirely legal under Missouri’s constitutional amendment to legalize recreational marijuana. Anyone 21 or older can gift marijuana, as long as they’re carrying less than 3 ounces at a time. 

Joints for the Unhoused was born after Chalfant decided to pass out some joints around Christmas three years ago. He found the experience gratifying. Inspiration came from a grassroots campaign called Joints for Homeless that encouraged cannabis users to donate cannabis to unhoused people.

Joints for the Unhoused STL is working to become a 501(c)(3) non-profit and will host its first joint-packing party this Friday evening at Chalfant’s home in Kirkwood. 

As of last week, 11 ounces of flower have been donated. That’s about enough to make about 400 joints weighing .75 grams. 

Chalfant uses cannabis to help treat his own clinical depression. For him, the substance is not only a means for relief, but a way to heal. He hopes Joints for the Unhoused will help people with similar ailments. 

“I believe [cannabis] has positive benefits on mental health and that it gives people an opportunity to avoid alcohol or maybe something harder they would find,” Chalfant says. 

Friday’s event is free to attend and will kickstart quarterly meetings. Attendees only need to bring a grinder and any food or drink they want. 

The goal is for each person to have 10 to 15 joints to distribute as they see fit, according to Chalfant. Event details, including an exact location, are available through Joints for the Unhoused STL’s newsletter signup.

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