Review: Mountain High Suckers Are a Mixed Bag

The sour pineapple flavor, though, will do you right

click to enlarge Mountain High Suckers come in a variety of flavors, but sour pineapple stands out as the best flavor and high.
Graham Toker
Mountain High Suckers come in a variety of flavors, but sour pineapple stands out as the best flavor and high.

It's the new year, and I struggled deciding on what to review next. Since flower got me in hot water at the end of 2022, I decided to dip into a category that I have yet to try for a review: edibles

My first time ever getting high was actually with a brownie in college. After ingesting the special baked good, I found myself slumped into a weird, ground-level rocking chair while the party just rotated around me. I was one with the chair until the end of the night, when my friend had to peel me off with a spatula and get me home. And it wasn't the only funny experience that happened when I crossed paths with edibles. A friend got too stoned from some special cookies, got the munchies and proceeded to have more special cookies. The next day my friend woke up like the party never stopped, still vibrating with the cookie goodness.

Ultimately, I found edibles had an inconsistent high and didn't track them down regularly. I've been burned too often by the "well that edible didn't do shit so I'll take another one and then I'm screwed" motif. But I still enjoy the effect from time to time. Since I work on my feet, getting that body high to alleviate the sore muscles is unrivaled. I just have to be OK with the fact that my night could be over, and I'm asleep sooner rather than later. Plus, I'd rather just taste the flower and smoke it. But I digress.

I placed an online order for three lollipops from Mountain High Suckers at the Ferguson location of Greenlight Dispensary. Being able to get weed in a drive-thru is a novelty that's worth a visit. After receiving a text that my order was ready, I made the journey to the drive-thru. There used to be a large open window where one would interact with the budtender more or less face-to-face inside a garage area with your car turned off. Now, Greenlight has a more secure, bank-like interface with a staticky speaker intercom, and large slide-out drawer for your IDs and order. My order came secured in the black bag reminiscent of the early 2010 Denver dispensaries I visited on vacation. Each lollipop is 30 mg of THC and $10, and in total I paid $34.12 including tax.

I cracked open the first lollipop, the grape-flavored one, as I went on a grocery-store run. Being able to shop while medicating and not blowing vape clouds was pretty nice. Two hours into the experience, I definitely felt a great effect in my legs. It wasn't quite concrete shoes, but it was close. Overall, it was a solid relaxing experience. I was having some sinus issues, so it was nice to have a small break from smoking.

My experience with the second lollipop, Sour Pineapple, is what I'd steer you, dear reader, toward. It was labeled as "Josh Blue's Dream — Sour Pineapple — Made with Blue Dream." A mouthful, for sure.

As a fan of Blue Dream back in the day, I was excited to try the sucker and also hoping for a similar experience to the flower. Compared to the first lollipop, it didn't have as much of the "weed twang" taste to it. The pineapple flavor was quite present, and I was able to coast on the body high from this lollipop without the intense munchies I got from the first lollipop.

My final foray with Mountain High Suckers was the caramel apple. I enjoyed the flavor, but effect wise it didn't surpass the Blue Dream-powered pineapple sucker. The effects of both the grape and the caramel apple weren't friendly to me, whereas the comedown from the pineapple sucker was not abrasive.

I'd rank the pineapple the top of the list here, followed by the caramel apple and then the grape. If you really want a dank sucker, then the grape would be up your alley, but personally it wasn't my speed. The pineapple combined the best flavor and effect for me, and 30 mg was enough to rock a body high productively. These suckers would be a great accompaniment to the new Avatar movie or as a discreet way to medicate in public.

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