Best Of 2011

Best Junk Store: Grandma's Attic

Helen David was 72 when she went into business. She decided to open Grandma's Attic because, she says, "I'd always wanted to do it and figured it's now or never!" At 78, David continues to man her modestly sized storefront five days a week, selling everything from cheap clothes and lamps to trinkets and kitchenware as far as the eye can see. In one trip through the sea of neglected goods, we found ourselves snapping up handy glass drinking jars, a golden unicorn necklace, a framed portrait of darling-looking children circa 1950, a "Stranger Danger" cautionary VHS tape and a vomitously colorful vacation-dad plaid shirt. This is junk in both the best and worst sense of the word, unearthed from dusty boxes full of stuff with forgotten significance — straight from someone's attic to Grandma's.

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