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Best Bartender: Meredith Barry

Meredith Barry
Meredith Barry first showed up in town just three years ago as the beverage director for the former Grand Tavern by David Burke at the Angad Arts Hotel. But in that short time, she’s become an integral part of the city’s bar scene — not just for her talent, but for her humble, optimistic and vibrant spirit that is absolutely infectious. If you’ve had the pleasure of sitting across the bar from her at Taste or sipping on her outstanding libations for Gerard Craft’s liqueur brand, La Verita, you realize that she gets both the nerdy science and warm hospitality of bartending — something that will be exciting to experience at the forthcoming Platypus (4501 Manchester Avenue), her forthcoming bar with fellow bartender Tony Saputo, that is sure to be one of the most thrilling places to grab a drink in town. —Cheryl Baehr

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