Bold Prediction: St. Louis Will Ride the NA Brew Wave

Looking ahead to St. Louis in 2023

Dec 30, 2022 at 10:08 am
WellBeing beers
Courtesy WellBeing Brewing Co.
St. Louis is at the center of the NA brew trend.

The nonalcoholic beer market is on a tear, with nonalcoholic brew sales having increased by 90 percent in the past decade and growth that looks like it will outpace traditional beer sales in years to come. St. Louis is in a prime position to capitalize on the trend.

St. Louis seems to have already embraced the NA brew trend, unlike other cities where a lot of bars and restaurants, even upscale ones, respond with befuddlement when asked if they serve an NA brew. I can't remember the last time I was at a bar here in town — even the grodiest of the grody — that didn't have at least a Busch NA. Usually places in town not only have an NA on offer but something that will surprise you friends with its quality if you convince them to order one.

St. Louis event promoter and entrepreneur Josh "Loyal" Grigaitis has consulted on NA product launches throughout the country, and WellBeing brews, the country's first craft NA brewery, is based in the metro area.

This city has always punched way above its weight in the beer game. As more and more of those beers are of the NA persuasion, St. Louis is well positioned to ride that 0.5-percent-or-less wave.

Welcome to Bold Predictions for 2023, an effort to forecast what the future holds for the St. Louis region.

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