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Best Cannabis Edibles: Honeybee Edibles

Honeybee Edibles
The blessing and curse of a great cannabis edible is that it seems positively unfair, even as the warm buzz envelops you, that you can’t just eat a few more. Such is the delicious predicament offered by a Honeybee Edibles’ line of gumdrops, whose fruit flavors are temptingly rich and locally made — and whose effects deliver, whether you’re looking for pain relief or euphoria. Designed by Proper Cannabis’ Dave Owens, a former Bissinger’s Handcrafted chocolatier, the gumdrops flavors come in various THC and CBD ratios, but even the THC-only flavors — such as Black Cherry Cola, Blood Orange Strawberry and the unconventional-but-shockingly-good combo of Mango Chili — are blessedly without the dank, weed-like flavor retained in other gummy or chocolate edibles. Even beyond the world of cannabis edibles, the gumdrops are simply some of the best candy you’ll ever taste — but start with a half piece, or just one, or you might find yourself too sleepy to enjoy the full fruits of your purchase. —Danny Wicentowski