Best Of 2021

Best Garden Center: Garden Heights Nursery

Garden Heights Nursery
Lots of folks got seriously domestic over our homebound eighteen months, and houseplants and gardens got a new level of attention. For newcomers and old hands alike, the selection and service at Garden Heights Nursery (1605 Big Bend Boulevard, Richmond Heights; 314-645-7333) can’t be beat. If it’s Instagram-friendly indoor lookers (like a fiddle leaf fig, calathea or monstera), shrubs and trees for the yard, or herbs, veggies and other food crops you seek, they’ve got lots of healthy specimens and advice on how to keep them looking perky. Trees and shrubs even have a partial money-back guarantee — if you follow their instructions, Garden Heights is that sure they’ll thrive. They offer delivery, design and potting, and darling pottery, garden tools, local gifts and seeds round out the offerings. After a quarter-century in business, Garden Heights Nursery is well rooted and in bloom. —Melissa Meinzer

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