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  • A crowd of roughly 100 people has gathered at the Fubar lounge in midtown to hear local metal band Fister debut its newest material — a single 44-minute composition entitled IV. No one in... More >>

  • Since taking its two-man noise-rock act from the dorms of Lindenwood University to the respected indie label Afternoon Records in late 2011, Volcanoes has bided its time in crafting a sophomore... More >>

  • Jon Hardy had already decided that his band's new album, its first full-length in seven years, would be called Restless City well before Ferguson and the rest of the greater St. Louis area became... More >>

  • It would seem both obvious and insufficient to say that history is important to the Loot Rock Gang. The quartet plays post-war jump-blues and sings often about post-war concerns, alongside more... More >>

  • Over Labor Day weekend, Pancake Productions label head Rob Severson strapped on his trademark headset mic and began proselytizing to the crowd assembled at Feraro's Engine Room. The occasion was,... More >>

  • If Collinsville-based band Early Worm was content with being a snotty, smirking, neo-emo band, that would be good enough for its first full-length release. But perhaps owing to the members'... More >>

  • Old Salt Union is everything you would want in a song-driven, pop-friendly bluegrass combo. The members of the Belleville-based quintet are dexterous on their chosen stringed instruments, with... More >>

  • When Josh Brophy sits behind the baby grand at the Fox Park piano bar Keypers, where he holds court on Tuesday and Sunday evenings, he's more likely to spin out a song by Gram Parsons or Buffy... More >>

  • In the time since Tilts' first release, the 2010 EP Cassingle, the band has added some bullet points to its bio. Singer and guitarist Andrew Elstner left St. Louis to join Florida-based stoner... More >>

  • John Donovan has chosen the term "bedroom folk," among others, to describe his style, and there's plenty on the singer-songwriter's latest EP that aligns with that tag. He strokes his acoustic... More >>

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